Hi! I'm Dennis 주호 Kim.

In the past I've had the chance to work in a bunch of different problem spaces like emergency care, nonprofits, running a small coffee shop, and most recently, civic advocacy.

Whether behind an espresso counter or a usability test, getting to know people is one of my favorite things to do. I love trying to figure out who a person is, where they come from, and anticipate what they might want in order to deliver better product experiences (or to just be a better friend!).

While most of my experience and skillset is in digital product design, I recognize that many complex world problems can't be solved with an app. I'm always looking to explore new ways to address problems of accessibility, racial/wealth inequality, and unnecessarily complex systems.

If you'd like to talk about:
• Ethical Tech + Product Design
• Running a Small Business / Coffee Science
• Hong Kong / Seoul (Travel + Food + Streetwear)
• Roam Research / Knowledge Management Systems

Please don't hesitate to reach out!

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